6 Unique Jobs Get High Pay!

This is a bad recession, and people lose their jobs all the time instead of earning more money. So if you need an inspiration or ideas on job that gets good salary, here are 6 unusual jobs that will give you a lot of money to earn. This can be your chance. 6 Unique Jobs Get High Pay!

Trash Collector

You can do it decently and professionally. The job is actually about collecting all trash from homes and buildings. You can start from your own area. Use a truck for more decent work and effective collection. Many people with this job have at least $100,000 income in a year.


Even though this job is actually on food business, flavorists do not get to cook, bake, or any other thing like that. Falvorist only needs to have a nice taste and they will work in laboratory to create new taste for foods and beverages and make sure it sells.

Diver for Golf Ball

Golf is a sport as well as entertainment rich people like to do. They lost a lot of balls during the game, including under the water. Professionals on this job earn a lot of money in a year. You collect balls and you are paid for the job desk.

Ethical Hacker

Unlike other hackers that ruin cyber security, this one works to find the weaknesses of cyber security and helps the other people to fix it. You should know that such hackers earn more than $124,000 a year. Be one if you have the skill.

Bounty Hunter

This job is actually really available like in Hollywood movie. You will find it risky and super challenging because you are the help to get fugitives and criminals. Commonly, you will earn for about 10-45% of the total amount offered as the prize or bale money the criminals deposited.

Crab Fisherman

This job also has its own risks and dangers like hypothermia, and limbs losing. But the demand on crab on restaurants and other fields give the job high earning. Do not forget to consider your competitions because there are many of them out there.

Now, you have alternatives on job. You may never think about it, but you will find it nice and they are worth the trying. Only few people recognize the chances and opportunities, and it gives you bigger chance to get the job. The alternatives give you backup plan when you fail on one.