5 Unique Businesses that Need Less Than $500 to Start

Establishing your own business is a good idea in such recession. Many people may fear the risks, but if we play it smartly, we can actually get a job instead of losing it and earn enough money for a decent life. Here are the ideas for small money to start.Shopping with Friends 5 Unique Businesses that Need Less Than $500 to Start

1. Secret Shopping Service

Basically, you will work for companies as mystery shopper. You will have to make a deal with them and making a fixed and specific contract on this job. Your challenge will be finding a real company who will pay you fair because there are many scammers now. It requires you very small money to start.Pet Care 5 Unique Businesses that Need Less Than $500 to Start

2. Pet Care and Sitting

People work all the time, and they need help when they go on vacation. They need help on their pets. You can make room and allocate the budget on several facilities like cleaning tools, pet food, cage, and maybe simple grooming tools. You can start accepting certain animal like dog or cats and other small animals like hamster for a start.

3. Delivery Service

It does not have to be food delivery service only. To grab more customers, you can cooperate with restaurants, department store, or simply promote your business alone to pick up and deliver things people cannot get. You will need your own transportation vehicle but you can always use your car and motorbike.

4. Daycare

You need toys, bedding, clean and safe house, educational materials, and also your love on children. You may want to get licensed if you are about accepting more than 3 children at once. However, you will spend $300-400 to start this business. If you have passion on this, you should start now.

5. Consultation Service

This business is quite flexible. You can make room in your own house for people to come and have a consultation. If you are a good listener, you should develop problem solving skill to help them. You may want to get a license as well for this. In alternative, receiving consultation on your mobile phone can be helpful as well for distant people.

If you only have a small amount of money, it does not mean that you will not be able to establish a new business. These ideas are unique and only few people think about it. You have lesser competitions, and bigger chance to develop your life. Try now and good luck!