Mastering Forex: Avoid 12 Common Errors in Metatrader 4

Many traders are using Metatrader 4 now at home and office to control their trading activity. However, there are critical errors too and here are the errors.

1. Prohibited by FIFO Rule

It means First In, First Out. The solution will be switching the servers. You can also try to move on and try to formulate another strategy on your trade.

2. Prohibited Hedge

It means all trades that require hedging will need different settlement. Consult your server and broker if they allow such hedging. Some of them do not allow it for specific reasons.

3. Too Many Orders

This can be you breaking the orders and requests limitation. Work on pending orders first. Then you can add your requests. Check on limitation all the time.Mastering Forex Mastering Forex: Avoid 12 Common Errors in Metatrader 4

4. Not Enough Money

It means that on current parameter, your fund is no longer enough for the trade you make. Try to record margin loss and the kinds.

5. Trade is Disabled

It means your trade is not allowed by advisors and scripts. You can learn to enable them to make the trade is able to make.

6. Invalid Stops

It can only mean your takeprofit or stoploss is not acceptable to your brokers.

7. Invalid Price

It can be two problems. First, it is caused by bad programming. Second, it can be market volatile that is mainly caused by trading news.

8. Invalid Account

When it happens, the solution will be creating new demo account. This is mainly caused by expiration date on the account. New account will solve it right away.

9. Too Frequent Requests

Do not forget that each trader has limitation on order numbers. You should not excess the limit or submit too many pending requests or orders.

10.  No Connection to Trade Servers

There are two common possibilities when it happens. First, you really lost a connection to server because server faults. Second, the common one, it is your local connection that in trouble.

11. Invalid Trade Parameters

When you have this, one of parameters, or maybe more, from recent orders was considered as unacceptable for your broker. You should check if your broker allows pending order. It can be the trigger.

12. No Connection and Freezing

You will instantly lost a connection to all servers and your MT4 is literally freezing and you cannot do anything about your current account.

Be really careful on the error and try to explore more for fast and helping solution.