5 Ways to Use Pinterest to Build Your Brand

Building a brand is not as simple as many people imagine. The rise of technology has brought us unlimited new potential for online marketing, but these new platforms only benefit those who know how to utilize them. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing new social media platforms on the internet, and it holds great potential as a brand building tool. Help your brand grow by utilizing Pinterest in these unique and innovative ways.

  1. Add Pin Buttons to Your Blog
    The magic of networks like Pinterest is that they allow you to reach potentially unlimited audiences with just a few seconds of work. One of the most popular functions of Pinterest is sharing images, so if you include Pin buttons on your blog or website, you give readers the option to share your content with hundreds or even thousands of other users instantly. By simply adding Pinterest buttons to your blog, you increase your potential market exposure by a huge amount. Don’t miss out on this incredible possibility.
  2. Conduct Market Research
    Social media networks are great marketing tools for a number of reasons. They are highly trafficked by diverse user-bases, they are mostly free and easy to use, and they allow for instant feedback from the market. The implications of these benefits should be obvious–Pinterest and other networks give you avenues in which to conduct free market research. Keep track of what kind of content elicits the strongest response from your audience. Check user profiles to see what kinds of people align themselves with your brand. This will help you refine your brand image and cater to your audience.
  3. Show Your Human Side
    Promoting your business is important, but one of the great things about social networks like Pinterest is that they allow you to show a different side of your brand–your own human side. Customers like to know that they’re dealing with another human being, not just a faceless corporate entity. On Pinterest, you can create an active and popular web presence by sharing not only brand-related material, but anything that interests you personally. This creates a more human connection with your audience, and that kind of connection is great for brand building.
  4. Connect with Multiple Networks
    A brand can’t be built on a single platform. Whether your business is a sign maker likeĀ http://www.BrightLEDSigns.com, a clothing company, a software provider or anything else, you branding should bring multiple networks together in order to be successful. Bringing the Pinterest network into your branding scope is a great way to expand and connect with audiences outside of other social media platforms.
  5. Study the Competition
    Try to find competitors on Pinterest when you’re building your brand. When you see a competitor pulling ahead of you, you are presented with a wonderful opportunity to study them and find out what they’re doing better than you. Spend some time thinking about competitors who seem to be more popular than you. If you can figure out what they’re doing to increase their popularity, and improve upon those techniques, then you’ll be in the lead. Becoming active on Pinterest can be a great way to build and grow your brand, so get started right away.