5 Ways to Save on Business Travel

We all wind up having to travel for business, and sometimes it can be an experience that’s a little less exciting than what we might consider to be a traditional, or in any way relaxing vacation. Quite to the contrary, the business trip can often wind up being a stress-fueled marathon of meetings that you only hope is over soon so that you can go back to sleeping in your very own bed. As an employer who’s responsible for sending workers out in the field, sometimes it can get to the point where you’ll take just about any break you can get if it means that these business trips are going to be a bit easier or more efficient. A lot of times, this means saving money, which is something that’ll make just about any employer a little less stressed out. With these five strategies in mind, you’ll actually have a pretty easy time shaving a few bucks off the costs that come along with your next round of business trips.

1. Utilize the Off-Season. If you know you’re going to have to have your employees do some serious traveling at some point, see if you make sure it happens during the off-season. Any travel is going to be a lot cheaper this way, and as an added bonus, you’re definitely going to find that your workers are to avoid any kind of serious crowds. If your company is responsible for sending people to various places, see if you can’t wait until the off-season to do it.

2. Stay in Business Hotels. When travel is a must for business, see if you can’t find deals and discounts on hotel rooms for your employees. Perhaps there’s a great business class hotel in the area with whom you can make a deal. Cheap accommodations for your employees might be something you have a really easy time coming up with if you can strike a deal in advance with a local hotel.

3. Book Far in Advance. Always make sure you’re booking travel accommodations for your employees as far in advance as you possibly can, so that you can make sure you’re not paying too much for things like hotels and/or airfare. Things are always more expensive when you book last-minute, so if you can be sure to book well ahead of time, you’ll be sure to save a few dollars.

4. Avoid Expensive Secondary Transportation. When your employees land, make sure they’re not incurring a lot of extra costs by doing things like getting taxicabs and such. These costs can really start to add up; it’ll help if you can find an airline or a hotel that offers a free shuttle service so that you can avoid more expensive transportation options.

5. Use Online Deals and Discounts. Make sure you’re camped out online looking for great deals and discounts well in advance of any trip you might be booking. Whether you’re going to use something likeĀ CouponLoco’s Expedia travel coupons or are considering a subscription to Google Offers, there are a ton of ways to find awesome discounts on the things that you need for your next business trip.