5 Smartphone Apps to Fuel Your Business

Business in today’s fast moving world is more advanced than ever before, and the advent of mobile technology has changed the game for good. In order to keep up with the pack, every business owner needs to make use of the best mobile apps available to stay on top of their affairs at all hours of the day. Be sure to make use of these 5 great smartphone apps to take your business to the next level.

  1. Quick Office Pro
    No business today operates without some kind of office software, and Microsoft Office Suite has been the standard for several years running. Now that business has largely migrated out of the office and into the cloud, you need mobile solutions for quick access and editing of your important Office documents from anywhere in the world. Quick Office Pro offers the most elegant solution to this new technological development. Take your office on the road with Quick Office Pro and keep those important documents close at hand no matter where you are.
  2. Scan2PDF
    The growth of technology has not yet wiped out paperwork and hard copy documents, but managing stacks of paper while you’re out doing business is both clumsy and dangerous. Imagine the consequences of a single lost document, and you’ll likely be deterred from letting any important paperwork leave your office for very long. Scan2PDF Mobile allows you to instantly generate data copies of any business document using your smartphone’s camera. Scan on the go and send documents straight to your email account for easy access anywhere and safe backups of all your important paperwork.
  3. Splashtop Remote Desktop
    One of the most amazing developments of the mobile revolution is the ability to take business on the road in ways that were never before possible. Remote access to networks and databases through cloud computing has made it possible to run a business without setting foot in the office. To make the most of this new technological wonder, you need remote desktop access. Using Splashtop Remote Desktop, you can access your work computer from home, or anywhere that you have reliable network connectivity.
  4. LinkedIn
    Never underestimate the importance of making connections in your business practices. Networking is essential for business owners in all industries, and LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for connecting with people all over the world. Whether you’re reviewing potential hires or staying in touch with important contacts, LinkedIn is the ultimate social media platform for business network. This mobile app is a necessity for any contact-conscious business owner.
  5. Protect Your Bubble
    Now that smartphones have become such important business utilities, it is important to protect them from loss and damage. New¬†cell phone insurance brand Protect Your Bubble offers reliable gadget insurance as well as many other kinds of coverage, and their mobile app allows you to easily manage your policies on the go. Don’t neglect mobile insurance–your smartphone is one of your most used and abused business tools, and it needs protection from the unexpected.