How to Market Your Business Website Online

Your business website is like your virtual storefront and it often provides the first contact you have with potential customers. It is for this reason that you worked so hard to create a polished layout and design that reflects the goals and ideals of your business, and you paid top dollar for a domain that was easy to find and easy to remember. And yet, it’s unlikely that consumers are simply going to stumble across your site, what with so many competitors to get in their way. Like any business, online or otherwise, you’re going to have to engage in marketing if you want to increase your online presence, raise awareness of your company and your brand, and drive targeted traffic to your website. So here are just a few tips for marketing your business website online.

The place to start when it comes to making your website visible is with search engine optimization, or SEO. There are web surfers out there seeking the products or services you have to offer, if only they could find you. By optimizing your pages and developing strategies that raise your ranking on Google and other search engines you are far more likely to be discovered, especially by consumers who happen to be searching for just what you have to offer. These days there are plenty of ways to do this, and you can figure out how by following Google’s guidelines, as laid out in their Engine Optimization Starter Guide.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your marketing efforts, and there are plenty of ways to use the online arena to your advantage. For one thing, you could sign up for ad shares (where you post a banner on your site that shows ads for other members while your ad is shown on their sites), although you might also pay for advertising on related blogs or other sites as a ways to see more targeted results. And you should consider what your colleagues can do for you, as well. Signing up for industry forums is not only a great way to increase your professional network and seek advice on business-related matters; it could also be an excellent way to trade favors and even collaborate, creating mutually beneficial working relationships.

In addition, you’ll probably want to hop aboard the social media bandwagon. The opportunities to market yourself and reach a vast audience in both the online and mobile space are astronomical, especially if you happen to be fairly creative. Sites like Facebook and Twitter provide a great textual platform that allows you to draw in an audience and engage with them on a personal level (endearing them to your brand and driving them to your website). But you might also enjoy sites like Pinterest that allow you to speak through images (and add links back to your site), or YouTube, where you can post tutorials or kick off viral video campaign. Of course, your website had better be up to snuff. Blackouts, unwieldy navigation, and so-so content could not only garner you a penguin penalty from Google, but they could also pose a major turn-off to customers. But if your site is ship shape, the main goal is getting people to it. And there are tons of ways to do so through your online marketing efforts.