How to Take the Stress Out of Business Travel

Traveling for your business can be vital for the success of your company, but it can also be incredibly stressful. Over 50% of professionals say that business travel is an integral part of their lives. Moreover, about half of those people say that business travel causes some sort of acute stress. However, business travel doesn’t need to be so traumatic. There are a number of combinations of different ways to reduce the stress of business travel so that you can focus on more important things like running your business or making important decisions for the company you work for.

For instance, you should pack as lightly as possible – taking only what you need. Reducing how much luggage you have will also reduce your stress of having to check in the luggage (often paying a fee for doing so), worrying about losing your bags, and then worrying about being late to a meeting once you get to your destination, because your bags are delayed at baggage claim. The best alternative is to pack only what you need in accordance with the weather of the location you are visiting. Don’t fill up your bag with heavy shoes or toiletries either.

Another way to reduce stress from business travel is to dress appropriately for travel. You don’t need to be wearing your suit and an overcoat as you rush through the airport. All you need to do is dress down so that you don’t feel overworked just from traversing the airport. Also, wear comfortable clothes on the plane. You can travel for business, but there is no dress code while you are traveling.

Bring a smart phone. Every clever business traveler will have their trip mapped out on their phones. Make sure that every number is saved, from the cab or limo driver picking you up at the airport, to the front desk of the hotel you are staying in. You should also have detailed directions and GPS mapping of the city you will be visiting. Many cab drivers will take advantage of out-of-towners. If you already know your way around, you can tell your cab driver where to go and which streets to take to get there.

Also, business traveling is all about planning ahead and making time for leisure. If you are traveling to China, make sure to research China tours so that you can get a real glimpse of the country and not one from the confines of your hotel room. Planning ahead will always grant you at least one day to relax and take a look around the country you are visiting. Many times when people go out of town for business travel they can only dream of taking a leisurely stroll in the city they see outside of the window of their taxi.

Lastly, business travel is all about planning ahead, being prepared and packing light. To be a professional business traveler you have to know how to take care of business, but also to enjoy your job and your life. What’s the point if all the stress is making you miserable?