5 Reasons to Make Your Business Website Mobile Friendly

Business and technology grow together, each influencing the other in turn. New technological developments change the way we do business, and business largely determines the direction in which technology grows. Mobile websites are becoming increasingly popular, and even necessary, for businesses everywhere. There are countless reasons to make your business website mobile friendly, and these are just a few of them.

  1. One Billion Smart Phones Worldwide
    Our global population is on the rise, and so is the number of smart phone users in the world. An estimated two billion people on Earth have internet access, and approximately one billion people all over the world go through their daily routines with smart phones in tow. Your business can’t afford to miss out on that kind of potential. When half of the world’s internet users have mobile web access, the demand for a mobile friendly website is simply too great to be ignored.
  2. Long Loading Times Turn Away Visitors
    Today’s consumer is always on the go. The world moves quickly, and businesses are expected to be able to move quickly as well. If you’re browsing websites from a mobile device, you need the fastest possible loading times. Nobody wants to wait for a page to load on their smart phone, and the limited capabilities of these small computers can result in limited download speeds. Making your website mobile friendly will speed up page loading and make sure that your visitors aren’t turned away by long wait times.
  3. Mobile Websites Improve Appearances
    Image is extremely important in business, especially for companies that do their business online. Your customers need to feel like they can trust you before they’ll be willing to do business with you, and that trust is built on your image. A well designed mobile website lets your visitors know that you are serious about maintaining professionalism, and this promotes a sense of trust. Whatever your industry may be, solidify your professional image by optimizing your website for mobile browsing.
  4. Customers Love Mobile Shopping
    Mobile web access has had a huge effect on the way modern consumers approach shopping. They use coupon sites and shopping apps to find the best deals while they’re out and about, and they browse business websites for a range of shopping needs–just like they do at home. The smart phone is the smart shopper’s best friend, and there are countless ways that mobile web access factors into shopping. Local and long distance shoppers alike are taking advantage of mobile browsing for all of their shopping needs, and you should be able to accommodate them with a mobile friendly website.
  5. The Internet is No Longer a Home Utility
    In the beginning, internet access was restricted to stationary desktop computers. Portable laptops and wireless connectivity quickly changed that, and pocket sized mobile devices now make web browsing possible in almost every corner of the world. There are numerous ways a mobile friendly website can help your business, but you’ll have to¬†try it out here and now to fully realize the potential of mobile browsing. The internet is going mobile, and your company must be ready for this new change.