5 Benefits of Starting a Workplace Wellness Program

Workplace wellness programs are good for business and good for employees. Most career-oriented adults spend a majority of their lives at work, making the office an excellent place to implement healthy minded habits and fitness. On average, an employer can spend up to $8,000 a year on just one employee’s medical care. Currently, there are over 200 hundred studies that prove that implementing some sort of workplace wellness program can reduce healthcare costs by up to 55%, sick leave by up to 32%, and increased worker productivity by up to 53%. The amazing results are due to strict guidelines and courses to teach employees to eat healthier food, stop smoking, and exercise more. Is your business ready to start a workplace wellness program?

  1. Well designed workplace wellness programs have proven to decrease worker absences. The science to this is pretty simple: the more physical exercise people get and the healthier they are, the less they get sick. Studies have shown that employees who get a moderate amount of exercise will miss 18% fewer workdays and employees who workout on a regular basis will miss 32% fewer workdays. If you want your employees to be happy and healthy, investing the money and time into a wellness program could see huge returns just from the increase of days your employees will be working. Over time this can really add up.
  2. Workplace wellness programs also increase worker productivity. Studies have shown that initiating some sort of fitness program, or work lecture program, to teach employees to make healthier eating choices can increase employee efficiency by 40%. These programs can include regular, moderate aerobics or you could even build a gym in your office building and give employees free memberships, so that they can take advantage of all the benefits of physical activity. Your business is sure to see the results next quarter when the numbers come in.
  3. There is also the added benefit of camaraderie amongst workers. Statistics show that employees who are more isolated or don’t get regular breaks at work to take a short walk to do some minor exercise, can cause depression and less motivation at work. As an employer, it is your job to motivate your employees. A wellness program will inspire them to work together and collaborate on completing their goals, with great results.
  4. While it might not be anything as extreme as a bariatric diet, teaching your workers about the increased benefits of eating healthy food or giving them incentives for losing excess weight, will save your business a fortune on healthcare costs, which can include anything from as small as a doctor visit to gastric bypass surgery. Employers can slash their healthcare costs in half by implemented a wellness program that can effectively teach workers to eat better and get regular exercise.
  5. Businesses in general can raise profits and better protect their bottom line if their employees are healthier. Multiple studies have shown that just after a year, companies see a significant increase in their numbers. And because a wellness program inspires a positive corporate atmosphere, it can both benefit the employee and employer.