How VOIP Can Benefit Your Small Business

If you’re not familiar with VOIP, what it stands for is Voice Over Internet Protocol; it’s basically a fancy way of saying “phone service that is used over the internet”. If you already have phone service at your place of business and you’re wondering how setting up VOIP can be beneficial for both you and your company as it develops, you’ve come to the right place. We have five good reasons you should consider “switching to VOIP” below:

It saves you money. If you ask any person who uses VOIP what one of the main reasons are for why they love it, they are probably going to tell you that it saves them a significant amount of money. As a matter of fact, there are several reports to support the fact that going with VOIP rather than a standard phone system can save you as much as 60 percent each year in phone costs. Plus, it comes with the option to make and receive international calls and also to do video conferencing anywhere around the world.

It helps you to be more “phone flexible”. Another thing that people like about VOIP is that it gives you the ability to be able to answer the calls anywhere you go. Being that the service is set up through the internet, you can take business calls in a coffee shop, the airport or even from the comfort of your own home (this makes it a great communications solution for virtual offices).

Many of them have a voice-to-text transcription feature. There are several companies that have what is known as a voice-to-text transcription service. What this does is actually transcribe the voicemails that are on your phone into an email that you can read at your leisure. This way, you can easily forward your voicemails to your inbox. Plus, it comes with all of the standard features that landline services offer including call forwarding, call transfer, call blocking and caller ID. You can also set up automatic attendant messages in case you are away or in a meeting and calls have to be immediately sent to someone’s voicemail.

You don’t have to add more phone lines. Hopefully, your small business will only increase over time. As you hire more employees, with a standard phone system, you will have to add phone lines and that’s not only expensive but pretty time consuming. However, with VOIP, you are actually connected to an online network. Therefore, all your new staff members have to do is be provided with the login information to access it.

They have great customer service. There’s one more reason why you might want to give VOIP a try: they have a great reputation for providing impeccable customer service. Due to the fact that VOIP is an internet-based communications tool, there will probably be times when you’ll find yourself needing technical assistance. No matter what the issue is, the technicians are trained to not just be well-versed in helping you with your problem, but because they are also online, you can reach them via email or even video chat well past business hours. So, whether you have a VOIP PBX service or some other kind of Voice Over Internet Protocol, you can be rest assured that while you’re busy assisting your customers and clients, the customer service team of your VOIP company will be ready to assist you. For more information, visit some of the companies that provide VOIP including,,, or