How to Get Free PR for Your Local Business

Generating high quality publicity for your business is often the key to success. It is often said that there is no such thing as bad publicity, and while the truth of this adage may be questionable, it is always important to get your name out into the world. Unfortunately, good publicity can often become very expensive very quickly. When your business is just getting of the ground, or at any time when you need to cut expenses, finding ways to get free PR will be tremendously beneficial. You may think that good free publicity is impossible to attain, but it can be done.

Social media is one of your greatest assets in the world of local business promotion and publicity. Not only are social media networks free to join, they also offer you the potential for exposure to huge markets that you may not have accessed up to this time. Creating profiles for your business on popular networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter will allow you to easily keep your followers up to date with the latest developments in your business. The high potential for sharing on these platforms further expands the potential for publicity through social media. This is an asset that your business can’t afford to ignore.

Write up an exciting press release. In the task of generating publicity on the local scale, press releases are your business’s best friend. Drafting a few short paragraphs that pitch your story to local bloggers, journalists, and newspapers, is a great way to get instant local exposure that can help drive your business to success. Remember, of course, that most media platforms field huge amounts of press releases on a regular basis, and your pitch will need to stand out. You can’t simply advertise a product in your press releases. Turn your new business developments into news that journalists will be excited to cover.

Networking is as important here as it is in any other aspect of business. Knowing the right people can carry your business a long way, especially in terms of generating publicity, so you should always be proactive in nurturing your connections with locals of all kinds. Participate in community events, charities and fundraisers to get out into the local scene and start developing relationships with important people. Try to come up with interesting news stories as often as possible. When you consistently pitch quality stories, journalists will be clamoring to get into your circle, and your hard work will be repaid in the form of valuable PR.

Generating high quality publicity for your business close to¬†home doesn’t have to be an impossible struggle, nor does it have to be expensive. By taking advantage of the resources available to you, and being proactive in your community, you can help your business get the PR it needs without spending a fortune. Remember the importance of social media, start drafting press releases for your newsworthy events, and always strive to connect with important locals. Following these guidelines will help you promote your business in the most cost-effective ways, taking you to new heights that were previously unreachable.