How Environmentally Aware Is Your Business?

Environmental awareness has come a long way in a few short years. People all over the world are tuned into the reality of pollution, climate change and the energy crisis, and this environmental consciousness has come not a single day too soon. Pollution levels in many cities are catastrophically high, and environmental degradation all over the world is a serious issue. Many businesses are taking part in the struggle to protect our environment and move toward a sustainable lifestyle. Your business can be part of the movement as well, but you need to ask yourself an important question: How environmentally aware is your business?

Every business has the power to reduce its consumption of resources by making a few easy changes in daily practice. You should get into the habit of powering down equipment when not in use. Many businesses neglect to shut down their computers at the end of the day, creating an energy drain that is more significant than they imagine. Paper waste is another common problem for many business. Email communications largely eliminate the need for print-outs in office communication. Even fax machines are now being slowly outmoded by email fax services in many offices. By cutting down on energy and paper consumption, you can make your business much more eco-friendly and environmentally aware.

Ask yourself if all of your employees really need to be in the office for work every day. In many cases, employees can actually do their work more productively when they are allowed the option of telecommuting. Not only can this be good for your bottom line, but it reduces your environmental impact as well. The resources wasted every day by employees commuting to work amount to a huge environmental factor when viewed over the long term. Likewise, more people in your office means higher energy consumption on every work day. Encouraging telecommuting is a great way to improve the environmental awareness of your business.

Think about where you source your products and supplies. Saving a few pennies by opting for the cheapest available provider of paper may not be the smart decision it seems to be. Shop around for the most eco-friendly vendors who can fill your business’s needs. Many vendors are now making it their business to use recycled products whenever possible, and some retrieve their packaging for repeated use. Choosing to support environmentally aware vendors is a big step in the right direction for any business seeking to be more eco-friendly.

Even your IT and networking concerns can be made more environmentally conscious. Buy your company’s web hosting and data storage from eco-friendly services that run energy efficient facilities and purchase green power credit. It takes huge amounts of power to run server networks, and some companies are making the process more environmentally friendly than others. Look into¬†Environmental Data Resources to find out about more great ways to give your business a green face lift. Environmental awareness leads to action, and proactive participation from businesses is what the green movement needs to make progress.