5 Ways to Furnish Your Home Office for Less

Your home office is probably the last room in your house that you’re concerned about outfitting for use, unless you happen to work from home. In most cases you’d rather have couches and chairs for guests, a dining room set for your family to sit and eat at, and bedroom furniture that is comfortable and provides you with adequate storage for your stuff. In short, the whole house is likely to be furnished before you get around to the office. And yet, you needn’t spend an arm and a leg to turn this room into a functional, comfortable, and inviting space to engage in correspondence, pay the bills, and attend to any work-related activities that you can manage from home. There are all kinds of ways to create the home office space you crave for less than retail cost. Here are a few options you might want to consider if your budget is limited and you want to put together your office post haste.

  1. Online outlets. One of the best ways to buy anything these days if you’re looking to save some scratch is by shopping online. And furniture outlets can provide you with just the discounted fare you crave. In many cases, you’ll find items online that aren’t even available in stores, and plenty of sale pieces that have been relegated to the warehouse are also ready for order online. Plus, there are sites like Overstock.com that cater to people seeking brand new furnishings at steeply discounted prices. So take your measurements and shop from the comfort of home.
  2. IKEA. Some people simply can’t bring themselves to spend money on products that they can’t interact with before the sale. Luckily, there are options for new furniture at great prices that you can sit on and poke around prior to buying. IKEA is a good option for home offices for a couple of reasons. For one thing, you can outfit your entire office with IKEA products for what you might spend on a desk and chair elsewhere. But they also offer scalable solutions. So if you need more storage down the line, all you have to do is pick up the modular pieces that go with the set you already have.
  3. Local office closures. If you’re looking for high-end office furnishings that are new to you at a steal of a price, look for local offices in your area that are closing and hosting auctions. You’ll have to pay up front and haul away whatever you buy, but you could end up with an entire corner office set for a fraction of what it cost originally.
  4. Reuse and reclaim. You might be surprised to discover that you have totally usable pieces already in your home and with a little TLC you can turn them into updated options for your office. A little sanding and paint can go a long way towards restoring your Grandpa’s old roll top desk that’s been gathering dust in your office. And with a few bins your standard bookshelf can easily store files, media, and office supplies. But if you simply don’t have anything in your home that will work, consider visiting reclaimed furniture outlets. They refurbish old pieces for modern use so you can get all the components you need at a great price, without supporting new manufacturing.
  5. Yard sales. Is there any better (or cheaper) way to furnish your home office than by hitting up yard sales to find the pieces you need? If you want to make life uber-easy, check out the offerings on Craigslist or hit upĀ YardSaleSearch.com to find the items you want in your area. And don’t be afraid of a few nicks and scratches – they give your furniture character.