How to Establish Rules for Employees That Drive a Company Car

Pretty much all of us have pulled up to a stop light and noticed a car or van to the left or right of us that had a company’s logo on it. That’s a clear indication that the person driving the vehicle is more than likely an employee of that business and they are put in charge of driving one of the company’s cars.

And while it might seem as easy as having an employer simply hand over a set of keys to them, the reality is that there is a lot of trust that is given to any employee when they are able to drive a company automobile. Therefore, in order to make sure that they are as responsible as possible while they’re operating it, it’s a good idea to establish as set of rules for them beforehand. We have enclosed the five that we feel are the most important below:

Make sure that only business runs are made. A company car is a vehicle that’s used to conduct business. Therefore, things like going to the grocery store and picking up the kids after soccer practice are not errands that should be done on a consistent basis. The main reason being that the more a person drives, the greater chance they have of having some kind of accident and in a company car, on the company’s insurance, that makes the company liable.

Discourage them from having other people in the car with them. Unless they are being asked to pick up a client from the airport or hotel (or something of that nature), there really isn’t much of a reason for them to have other people in the car with them. Family members and friends can oftentimes be a distraction, so it’s best that an employee drives alone or with other employees only.

Remind them not to text and drive. Many of us have seen the commercials that remind us of the fact that texting while driving is illegal. Discuss with your employees that there is a no tolerance policy for it and if they don’t respect that rule, there will be repercussions.

Check their driving records (periodically). If you asked an insurance company likeĀ Great West Casualty Company for their advice on the kinds of rules that you should implement, one thing that they might recommend is that you periodically check the driving records of the employees who are operating the company cars. The reason being is this: If you happen to discover that they are constantly getting speeding tickets or that they’ve been in an accident in the past six months, that sends a pretty clear message that they are a bit of a reckless driver and that you’ll probably need to assign the duty of driving to someone else. Therefore, let your employees know that looking into their driving records will be something they should expect from you.

Update your company handbook as-needed. As your business continues to grow, you will probably discover that you’ll need to update your company handbook on a regular basis, including the section that addresses driving a company car. Every time that you make an addition, hold a brief staff meeting, just to make sure that everyone is aware of the new policies. If you’re clear about your expectations, that’s how you can feel confident about the employees that you entrust to drive your company’s cars.