5 Ways to Automate Common Tasks for Your Business

While robots aren’t advanced enough to take on all our menial tasks, there are some amazing tools we can use to lessen the load. When it comes to increasing a business’ efficiency, automation is critical and it allows employees to work on the more complicated tasks at hand. For instance, things like backing up files and make sure important reports don’t get lost can all be automated. In the old days, a large percentage of an employee’s job required doing tasks that took away from the important stuff, like securing new clients and increasing sales. Here are five ways to automate common tasks for your business.

  1. Email templates. If you are in a business that requires you to send out a lot of emails, it may be beneficial to equip employees with email templates. Things like writing out headers, dates and name signatures can take a lot of time out of the email writing process. The same goes for memos and other information that must be disseminated. Not only do templates save email writing time, but you can also program your email service to send customized responses to customers, so that you never have to worry about not getting back to an important client.
  2. Automatic backups. Backing up computers and other databases can take a lot of time if you do them manually. However, if you implement certain programs and applications, you could have all the backing up done for you. This is especially important if you are afraid of losing important documents. Having a centralized server where all your information is saved can save the day in the event of a crash, security breach or if a file gets lost. In an era where information is vital, having an automated back up system should be vital too.
  3. Task management platforms. A task management platform can automate an entire facility’s basic tasks – from scheduling to billing. These systems can be hugely beneficial for medical care providers, clinics and hospitals. For instance,TaskMaster Pro can automate multiple systems at once. The best part is that these platforms can work for big businesses and small businesses alike. There are many small business tasks to automate – from managing client relations to new employee hires.
  4. The cloud. The cloud can be a powerful tool when it comes to automation. In fact, an entire business can be run on the cloud and it can hugely increase productivity and drive sales. Not only can the cloud automatically back up your systems, but it can also help manage workflow and a number of other functions that are vital to a certain business’ operations, like sales and invoicing.
  5. Use keypad shortcuts. No matter if you are operating a PC platform or a Mac platform, learning how to use various keypad shortcuts can drastically increase performance and productivity. These shortcuts can do everything from save files to undo past actions. So, you may want to place a directory of these shortcuts on your employees’ desks. Many of these shortcuts are easy, but it can be difficult to get into the habit of using them.