5 Innovative and Inexpensive Advertising Options for Startup Businesses

As a startup, it is important that you advertise your business. Not only do you want to garner sales, but you also want to gain exposure for your company. As a new company, introducing your business to the world is incredibly important. However, the one thing getting in the way of effectively advertising your new business is that it can be expensive and most startups are already operating on a bootstrap budget. So the question then becomes: how do I advertise my new business without spending a fortune? When it comes to advertising, there are many different ways to get your business’ name out to the world – so that your business can compete and succeed in the global marketplace. Here are five innovative and inexpensive advertising options for startup businesses.

  1. Sponsored advertising. One of the most inexpensive and innovative ways to advertise your startup is to utilize the power of sponsored advertising. The best part about sponsored advertising is that you get to reach out to thousands – and possibly millions of people – and you get to choose your own budget. There are many different companies that allow you to link your website with various content generators, so that your link shows up in the sidebar or below posts.
  2. Guerrilla advertising. This unique form of advertising has becoming more and more popular in the age of social media. All you need for a guerrilla advertising campaign is a great idea and then you can hit the streets. In most cases, an advertising campaign like this is free – excluding the cost of materials. You could create posters, marketing materials and other information and plaster them around town. There are many walls where you can wheat-paste posters, flyers and other visual information that can get the attention of people walking by- which could be in the thousands on a daily and weekly basis.
  3. Trade for advertising. If you have not budget for advertising, but you want to reach out to a wide swath of people, you may want to think about offering your product or service in exchange for advertising space in a national or regional magazine. This is one of the most innovative ways to get the word out about your business to millions of different people.
  4. Sign advertising. When it comes to advertising for startups, utilizing the power of signage can be incredibly effective. If you have a storefront or brick and mortar shop, you may want to think about using a company – like the Kachina Sign Center - to create a series of signs to place outside your business. This could garner a tremendous amount of foot traffic, which could significantly increase sales conversions.
  5. Social advertising. Another innovative way to advertise your startup is to use social media. Not only should your business have a presence on some of the main social media pages – it should also be actively engaged with your customer base. In the end, the more connected your new business is to your demographic, the more exposure you will garner for your business.