Top 5 Ways for Managers to Improve Workplace Performance

As a manager, your job is to oversee productivity, engagement, teamwork and most of all workplace performance. There are so many different aspects that make up a positive, productive workplace. While it is sometimes hard to think of ways to motivate people, gimmicks and tricks won’t work. Employees need real, authentic support from their managers to motivate them to perform at their very best. Here are the top 5 ways that you can improve workplace performance as a manager.

  1. Create a positive, safe environment for all employees. Making sure that everyone respects the work place and one another can make a huge difference. When people feel safe and secure in their environment, they will be more eager to work hard, interact with others and complete assignments on time. Having an open door policy encourages communication and helps to avoid unintentional issues that may arise.
  2. Motivate your team. Everyone is different, which means everyone is motivated differently too! Take time to talk to your employees in order to find out what gets them excited to work and perform. Surprisingly, motivation isn’t usually about money! It is commonly about being recognized for hard work and dedication in a meaningful way. Showing employees that you appreciate what they do and how they do it can go a long way! Make sure they are recognized by their peers as well.
  3. Set clear and specific goals for your workers. Make sure they everyone understands what needs to be done as well as your expectations. Also, provide them with priorities so that they can manage their work load, understanding what is most urgent and what they can spend more time on. Also, break large goals into smaller, manageable and easy to obtain objectives to help split up the project and reduce anxiety, helping prevent employees from feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.
  4. Praise your employees. While motivation involves rewards, regular praise can be done on a daily, consistent basis for smaller things. Let an employee know when they’ve done something great to encourage them to keep it up! Thank them for staying late to finish a project. When people feel valued, they are much more likely to engage when they are working.
  5. Provide feedback. Employees can’t do things better if they don’t know what you’re looking for– they aren’t mind readers! Keep an open line of communication and regularly give out positive, constructive advice to help everyone improve. Make sure that your feedback links directly to their day to day work and responsibilities and explain how they can improve what they are doing to reach your expectations.

These team performance and motivation tips will help you to create a positive work environment and culture that gets your employees excited about coming to work each and every day. Not only will they feel safe and respected, but they will also feel valued and appreciated. As a manager of Team Telligent or any company, these are tips that you should implement into your managerial style on a daily basis to enjoy long term successful performance results that everyone will be excited about.