5 Effective Ways to Market and Build Your Brand on the Web

The web has made it a lot easier for brands to build an image. In the old days, this took time and a serious amount of money. These days, though, with a little creativity and resourcefulness, small businesses and big businesses alike can build a brand using many of the same tools. This is one of the major benefits of having such a globally connected and democratic platform like the Internet – it has literally leveled the playing field so that any company can capture the proverbial flag – without fear that the company with the most money and clout will capture it first. Here are five effective ways to market and build your brand on the web.

  1. Social media. On the World Wide Web, social media is still providing astounding results when it comes to marketing. If you are in the process of marketing your brand, it is almost a prerequisite to set up at least three profiles on the major social media sites. This will bring your company front and center into the realm of your demographic or niche.
  2. Viral campaign. When it comes to marketing for brands, another great tool to use is the power of viral capability. By this point, everyone is familiar with the term ‘viral video.’ However, video is just one facet of a broader “viral” campaign. A viral campaign can also include memes, infographic or even a funny story that people spread around and share. The key is to be as clever as possible – find something that inspires people to hit the share button.
  3. Blog content. Another great way to carve a little section out of the market for your brand is to set up a blog. A blog can be a great arena for brand building – for a number of reasons. For one, a blog can encourage people to come back and revisit your site on a daily basis. Also, blogging can boost your SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, is encouraged through the practice of plugging in keywords and hyperlinking. Just make sure, though, that your articles are well written and include high quality photos.
  4. Pay per click advertising. If you browse around the web, there is a good chance that you have come upon some advertising banners at the top or to the side of a certain website. Well, these are pay per click ads – which cost a certain amount of money per individual impression. However, your company can easily set a budget, so that you don’t max out. Pay per click advertising is a great way to reach a lot of people at once.
  5. Email blasts. When it comes down to it, email blasts can be incredibly powerful if you want to build your brand. Email marketing targets your customers directly. Direct email marketing is also a great way to personalize your brand and to build loyalty. In the end, email marketing is one of the best ways to drive revenue as well, which makes it one of the most effective methods to kill two birds with one stone.