5 Helpful Hiring Tips for Your Manufacturing Business

With the economy starting to turn around, business picking up, and workers who were on unemployment finally settling into new, long-term positions, the tables are beginning to turn once again in favor of job-seekers. This is not great news for employers, who will have to start working harder if they want to attract the most talented, knowledgeable, and experienced applicants for positions. And if you run a manufacturing business, safety and productivity demand that you hire a capable and skilled staff. However, there are ways to ensure that you get the best and brightest employees the market has to offer. Here are a few helpful hiring tips that should ensure your business employs quality workers that can (and will) get the job done.

  1. Place heavy emphasis on recruitment. If you want to get to the best candidates before your competition, recruitment is an essential part of the hiring process. This could mean participating in job fairs for colleges, universities, and technical schools with high-end programs related to your industry. Or it might mean working with headhunters or poaching from competitors. But if you have no recruitment program in place, you might be losing some of the best candidates to your competition.
  2. Don’t keep top applicants waiting. Over the past several years, employers could interview at their leisure thanks to hundreds of applicants just waiting around for any job opportunity. But the economic recovery has put the kibosh on that mentality. Now you have to work fast if you want the chance to snatch the best hires out from under competitors. If someone looks good on paper, schedule an interview immediately. And if everything goes well, make scheduling a second interview in rapid succession your priority.
  3. Offer competitive packages. With competition for quality employees on the rise, it’s imperative that you offer hiring packages that are competitive within the industry. This includes not only salary, but also benefits like healthcare, paid vacation and sick time, yearly performance bonuses, and other extras like an on-site cafeteria, daycare, or gym facility, just for example.
  4. Incentivize with opportunities for advancement. While some people are certainly looking for nothing more than a way to pay the bills when they get hired, most employees are seeking opportunities to advance their career path, as well as a job that they can take pride in. You can make sure they find what they’re looking for by implementing internal promotional practices.
  5. Consider added job security. Plenty of workers are wary of layoffs, thanks to the Great Recession, and if you offer some kind of tenure program that provides employees with a measure of job security (or a guaranteed severance payout in the event of layoffs), you might just give them the peace of mind that other companies are unwilling to offer. Whether you manufacture sunglasses, stereos, satellite dishes, or the best plasma CNC on the market, there are no guarantees when it comes to future success, and assuring your employees that they will be taken care of could be a major hiring bonus.