How to Reduce Business Packaging Costs

When a consumer is looking for the most affordable item on the shelf, they are often deciding between items that have elaborate packaging or simple packaging. Elaborately packaged products cost more to manufacture than simpler packaging, and therefore, they are more expensive for the consumer. When a product based business needs to cut costs, the first place they often look to is their packaging expenses. Reducing their packaging costs whilst still having their product be appealing to the eye of the consumer is important when it comes to maximizing profits and minimizing unnecessary expenditure. Here are a few ideas to consider on how to reduce packaging costs.

  1. Shipping. Product packaging isn’t the only kind of packaging there is out there. The costs involved with packaging for shipping can be an enormous expense to a business when distributing their product globally or even locally. Consulting a company like Houston Carton is a great place to start, as they not only specialize in packaging to reduce shipping costs, but they also specialize in packaging products specifically for the consumer. Their services are affordable and professional.
  2. Redesign. As time goes by, technology changes and packaging methods become more efficient, so be sure to keep up with these changing trends in technology and examine whether your old product’s packaging can be redesigned in order to be more cost effective. Upgrading the design to reduce the amount of plastic used or to reduce material costs could drastically increase your profit margin. Eliminating extraneous things like labels and instead printing directly onto the product or package can save you additional material costs too. Keeping this as simple as possible is key to successful product packaging.
  3. Make packaging the focus. When introducing a new product to your range, be sure to make the packaging your priority. It is not only the lure, which a consumer makes their decision based upon, but it’s also going to determine the cost of getting that product on the shelves. Be sure to start on the packaging design very early on in the process, rather than leaving it to the last minute as this will ensure that you’re not rushing any decision-making just because the product is ready to hit the shelves.
  4. Use efficient equipment. If you’re using outdated technology to print and package your product, then you could be wasting time and money. To effectively make the most of your packaging and reduce unnecessary expenditure, try to upgrade your printing and packaging technology on a yearly basis. Adopting digital technology is a must as conventional printing methods are now becoming obsolete due to the expenses associated in operating that technology.
  5. Be wise with color management. Be sure that whatever printer you go with that it is using industry standard color such as G7. This will mean that the proofs that are developed can be replicated by any printer in the world. This means that printing your packaging doesn’t have to be done over vast distances, they can be done nearer to home and at smaller quantities if necessary.