How to Create a Loyalty Rewards Program for Your Business

When you own a business, you want your customers to be as loyal as possible. If you don’t develop a relationship with your customers, you won’t feel like an important part of the community. And when it comes down to it, if the community doesn’t value you, you probably won’t last very long. That’s why you need to create a loyalty program. So here are five great ways to do it!

  1. Offer small freebies for large purchases. Everyone loves to get a freebie, and what better way to earn that freebie than by spending more money? Indeed, one of the best ways to get people to spend more money each time they visit your business is to offer them something for free. If you have some kind of small, cheap item – particularly one that you have a hard time moving – you may as well find a way to give it away. Just don’t let your customers know that you’re getting the better end of the bargain!
  2. Offer fidelity cards. Everyone loves a punch card. There’s something very satisfying about knowing that you’re getting closer to some kind of a reward after every single purchase. However, these days, it’s hard for people to hold on to a bunch of little pieces of paper. That’s why eCard Systems makes it easy for you to create electronic fidelity cards that can be seen and punched on your mobile device -this way they’ll always have it on them, no matter where they go.
  3. Create a newsletter. Offer discounts to those who sign up for your newsletter and keep them up to date on all of your sales and promotional events. One of the best ways to get people to sign up for your newsletter is to offer a discount or a freebie in exchange. The more people you have reading your newsletter, the more people you will have going in and out of your store when you have a sale or host some kind of event. In the end, you want your customers to feel like they always have the inside scoop on the cool things that are happening in your store.
  4. Offer birthday rewards. If you want to develop a relationship with your customers, you’re going to have to get a bit personal. And birthdays are a great way to make a connection with someone on the day they feel the most special. This is another way to get them to sign up for your newsletter. You can have an email go out to them automatically about a week before their birthday, reminding them that they get a discount or a freebie on their special day.
  5. Offer discounts for large purchases. If you don’t have something to give away for free in return for a large purchase, you may want to offer a discount instead. When you tell people that you will give them 15% off if they spend $150 or more, they will often feel inclined to buy a few more things that they assumed they would buy later. In some cases, they may actually follow through on their plan to buy those items later, but oftentimes people forget and never come back. So make sure they spend the money now, rather than hopefully spending it later.